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Experience the heavenly delight of “Malpua” at Shree Laxmi Sweets. Our handcrafted delicacy features deep-fried pancakes, crispy on the edges and soft at the center, immersed in a fragrant sugar syrup. Indulge in the divine flavors of this traditional Indian dessert, a true treat for your taste buds.

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At Shree Laxmi Sweets, we present the exquisite “Malpua,” a beloved Indian dessert. Our Malpuas are a heavenly combination of deep-fried pancakes soaked in a fragrant sugar syrup. The journey begins by preparing a batter with flour, milk, and a hint of cardamom for an aromatic touch. The batter is then ladled into hot ghee, forming golden pancakes that turn crispy on the edges and irresistibly soft at the center. Once cooked to perfection, these delicate pancakes are immersed in a luscious sugar syrup infused with saffron and rose water, allowing them to absorb the sweet goodness. The result is a divine dessert that melts in your mouth, offering a symphony of flavors with every bite. Indulge in the decadence of our authentic Malpua, handcrafted with love and tradition at Shree Laxmi Sweets.


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    taste 🤤🤤❤️❤️❤️

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