Sohan Papdi (Desi Ghee)


Savor the exquisite “Sohan Papdi (Desi Ghee)” at Shree Laxmi Sweets! Our handcrafted delight is a flaky blend of pure desi ghee, roasted gram flour, and a touch of sweetness. Experience the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of this traditional Indian sweet, perfectly crafted for your indulgence. Visit Shree Laxmi Sweets and treat yourself today!

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Introducing the irresistible “Sohan Papdi (Desi Ghee)” at Shree Laxmi Sweets! Made with utmost care, our Sohan Papdi is a delightful blend of rich desi ghee, sugar, and roasted gram flour. The making process involves cooking the mixture to perfection, shaping it into thin, flaky layers, and garnishing it with nuts. Experience the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of our handcrafted Sohan Papdi, exclusively at Shree Laxmi Sweets.

The making process of our Sohan Papdi begins with roasting gram flour in pure desi ghee, infusing it with a rich aroma. To this mixture, sugar syrup is added and cooked to a precise consistency, creating a smooth and velvety texture. The cooked mixture is then spread onto greased trays and flattened into thin layers. While still warm, it is cut into diamond-shaped pieces and garnished with a generous sprinkling of crushed nuts like almonds and pistachios. As it cools, the layers of Sohan Papdi develop a delicate flakiness that melts in your mouth, releasing a burst of sweetness and nutty flavors. Each bite of our Sohan Papdi is a heavenly delight, capturing the essence of tradition and craftsmanship. Indulge in the divine experience of our handcrafted Sohan Papdi (Desi Ghee) at Shree Laxmi Sweets.

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